2 Easy Tasks To Continually Grow Your Internet Business Traffic

Growing your internet business is just like building muscle and losing weight. I say that because many new business owners give up too soon because they do not see results quick enough. The first day you begin a workout routine, you don’t see anything happen. In fact, almost nothing happens, visibly. It takes continuous effort and dedication to eventually get to your desired outcome.

Your internet business is the same way. You have a website, you start to build links back to your website, but much of the time you don’t notice anything right away. Your search engine rank will be low until you continue to grow your links and create content. Seeing a large spike in traffic if you’re starting completely from scratch is uncommon. The trick is to not get discouraged!

I recently took a look back when I first started my blog. I had 7 unique visitors my first month. Seven! And one was probably me. Six! AWSTATS shows an average of 0.47 visitors per day that month. Shoot. That was back in April 2006.

The next month I had 209 unique visitors. That’s an average of 16 visitors per day. The only increase in traffic was from posting a “warrior special offer” at the warrior forum. I don’t recommend that forum to anyone, but it was where my first product was advertised. Google also found my website that month but there were no web searches that generated any traffic to my website that month.

Every new websites starts from the bottom, unless of you purchase a website from someone else or buy a used domain with existing traffic, but I won’t constitute that as a new website. To increase that first months traffic from 6 visitors to 209 took two things:

– Submitting quality blog posts every day

– Getting as many links pointing back to your website every day

That makes the process seem pretty simple, doesn’t it? It is. Just commit yourself to continually do both of those tasks. Eventually of course you want to outsource them. Continually outsourcing those will substantially increase your traffic. Don’t give up, stay on track, and reap the rewards.