Internet Business Part 10: Constant Improvement

I talked about the importance of business systems in the last part. In fact, I pointed out that your system IS your business. In reality, a business is nothing more than a pile of step-by-step procedures that when followed by you and your partners, employees, contractors, and vendors results in profit. It’s really magical if […] Read more »

Internet Business Part 9: Building Systems

What is an Internet business? Some look at a web site and call that an Internet business. But that isn’t correct. A web site is an asset of a business just like an office chair is an asset of a business that has an office. Some look at the legal documentation and say, “That’s the […] Read more »

Internet Business Part 8: Stick With It

There is one salient difference between successful entrepreneurs and failures. Successful entrepreneurs stick with a proven plan until they succeed. Failures quit. It really is as simple as that. If you set off on a trip from Los Angeles to New York, you will succeed if you: 1. Follow the map. 2. Don’t get distracted. […] Read more »

Internet Business Part 7: Focus on The Important Stuff

I have been watching Chef Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” program recently. Chef Ramsey owns a dozen world-class super-profitable restaurants worldwide. He knows how to run a restaurant business. His show documents how he helps other people fix unprofitable restaurants. I am always amazed that I notice things that could be done better that Gordon Ramsey […] Read more »

Internet Business Part 6: Are You Profitable?

Profit is the goal of any business entity, but I am amazed at how few Internet business owners even understand what profit means. I often offer consultation services for new or struggling Internet businesses.  One of the first questions I ask them is if they are profitable yet. It is a simple question with a […] Read more »

Internet Business Part 5 – Market Testing

As part of your financing song-and-dance presentation, you had to present some market testing data. Every investor wants to know that there is a market for the product you propose before they invest. A market is simply a group of people. It might be a group defined by gender, age, interest in a particular subject, […] Read more »

Internet Business Part 4 – Forming Your Team

A business is a group of people. Before you start doing business, you must select your team. A lot of the criteria for selecting your team will be based on your business model and your own strengths if you intend on being a member of the team yourself. Your available capital (initial funding) will also […] Read more »

Did you decide?

I just finished watching a video of another TED Talk. In the video, behavioral economist Dan Ariely shows some very interesting research experiments. The video may leave you wondering if you’re actually in control of your own decisions. A few of the experiments mentioned could even relate to email opt-ins on websites. You might just […] Read more »

Jack has updates

Jack Keifer says Xingla Pro 4 will be released in early June. If you’re looking for software to help get links back to your blogs, I’d be sure to stay tuned to Jack’s blog. I’ve been using Xingla Pro for a while and it has done wonders. Here is the link to Jack’s post: Read more »