What’s the password again?

If you’re like me, you spend most days using the internet, and you are likely a member of several websites that require you to use a user name and password. The thing is… I hate having to remember passwords! Another frustrating aspect is that most often, websites will require you to create some really hard […] Read more »

A Secret To Paperless, Portable Offices

A lot of online business owners know the importance of being able to use any internet location to run their business. I have one personal favorite that I use frequently for document and file storage. I recommend checking out http://www.google.com/docs if you don’t use it yet. I store documents on their servers that I frequently […] Read more »

Need some inspiration?

David Frey has been creating some inspiring videos for a number of months now. I emailed him recently asking him what they were for. I thought maybe there was some secret marketing technique going on behind the scenes. He told me there wasn’t. David is just doing this to give people some inspiration they could […] Read more »

Look Who’s Back!

I noticed that James Brausch is back to his blog again. From what I had known, he had been living in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with his family. From what he has put on his blog so far, it looks like he will be living on a boat with his family for a while. That […] Read more »

74% Increase In Monthly Traffic

I mentioned recently I had a 32% Increase in daily traffic. That has changed a bit. That number is actually higher now. Since it’s the end of the month, I’ve decided to share my most recent stats. My end of month stats. Comparing February’s traffic to March’s traffic, my website traffic has increased by 74%! […] Read more »