Where Your Shouldn’t Promote Affiliate Products

In a recent article I mentioned why promoting affiliate products using pay-per-click (PPC) search engines was a bad idea. Though some affiliates have done quite well (about a measly 2% of them), the fact that you have no or very little control over so many variables can quickly cause you to lose money. However, there […] Read more »

Boost Your Productivity

There is a secret to running a successful internet business. One secret that if everyone did, they would probably have a much higher success rate. What is this secret? The secret is to stay on a single track and not get distracted. What? That’s it? Before you pout and stomp your feet like a 3 […] Read more »

Martin’s Results Are In

The other day I posted about how you can find targeted traffic on YouTube in 8 steps. Martin Russell decided to check out this strategy. Sure enough, he has been getting results. One person agreed to mention his product to 1500 readers at no cost to him. You can read the original blog entry and […] Read more »

PPC Traffic + Affiliate Product = Mistake

Have you ever tried using a pay per click search engine to promote an affiliate program? I’ve tried it before. Long story short, it has never worked out in the end. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I simply don’t recommend it for several reasons. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you find an […] Read more »

Wash My Own Brain?

What? Ray Edwards says “What your own brain”. What does he mean by that? Are you convinced by everything you read or hear that has been released by certain media outlets? Ray used the example of Toyota and their recalls. Toyota did what they had to in order to go about fixing the problem. But […] Read more »

3 Interesting Business Trends

I’ve been following Stephen Dean’s blog for quite a while now. He recently posted about recent trends in 3 areas: Gmail becoming more mainstream Asking for email addresses only The death of double opt-in The second two are always interesting to me. I have heard the same as Stephen that some experts have claimed better […] Read more »

What Caused The Increase In Website Traffic?

What Caused The Increase In Website Traffic? Aaron Brandon The other day I reported that this site had a 32% increase increase in traffic since I changed blogging software. I got that number by averaging the amount of daily visitors from the first day of the month to the date I installed the new software […] Read more »

Highly Targeted Traffic For Only A Nickel?

What if you could get targeted traffic for just .05 cents per visitor? These days, it’s hard to get traffic that cheap, especially using pay per click (PPC) search engines. Some websites claim they can send you targeted traffic for only a few cents per visitor, but if you’ve tried many of these offers you’ll […] Read more »

Can You Convert 11% More Tire-kickers Into Buyers?

Sometimes when I hear about results like this, I have to wonder how confident the results really are. Was it really tested? For a while the “internet marketing guru’s” were spouting that your products price should end in a “7”, While real data showed that was more often inaccurate. I’m guessing that happened in such […] Read more »