Information Product Creation Process

There is a process in an internet business which I haven’t mentioned in a blog entry before. It doesn’t have to apply

to information products. It can actually apply to most types of products.

Sometimes putting your own steps into a

owchart will make your own business easier to understand. Spot-

ting unnecessary steps and eliminating unproductive parts can save time, as well as money in some cases.

Here’s the business process.

I’ve added descriptions for each process. If you’d like to use this for improving your own business, feel free to do so.

New Product Development


The first part is engineering. In my business, it is not drawing a blueprint, nor is it using some special soft-

ware, or hiring some specialist to do any work for me. Engineering in the product creation process is getting an idea.

Using my own brain and thinking about what I know. If there’s an idea I think of which I want to pursue, but need

additional information for a product, I will use content sites, blogs, books, and friends for additional research.


Once you’ve researched your idea of a product in the engineering step and have decided to pursue it, you will

now need to produce it. In my internet business, producing a product has a process within itself. For videos, it starts

with recording using screen capture software. They are then compiled into a compatible format for best viewing

experience. Audio, or text, and software may also be used instead of video.

Now, the videos I compiled are ready to be burned to a CD or DVD. I use data CD’s if my product will fit

on them.