What’s the password again?

If you’re like me, you spend most days using the internet, and you are likely a member of several websites that require you to use a user name and password. The thing is… I hate having to remember passwords! Another frustrating aspect is that most often, websites will require you to create some really hard to crack password for security purposes. Of course, when making it really hard for a hacker to crack also makes it difficult for you to remember!

I’ve found a solution. Check out the software called LastPass. It’s available as a free add-on for IE and Firefox. Using this software, you will only have to remember your one main password. Then, LastPass will automatically remember all of your hundreds of other passwords that you use to log into websites on a regular basis. The best part is, you can have LastPass log you in automatically without even having to think about what your user name and password is.

So what? Your browsers can often do that automatically, right? Sure, they can… but your browsers can often be attacked by viruses which can find your saved passwords. LastPass prevents you from having to save users names and passwords in your browsers, and will store them elsewhere securely.

The other benefit is that you can install LastPass on another computer, and you’ll be able to access all of your user names and passwords from anywhere! So far, it’s been a tremendous time saver for me. No more hiding those passwords under your keyboard on that Post-it, right?

Thought I like LastPass, it isn’t the only software out there that can do this. There are similar programs out there. Feel free to search around for one you’re comfortable using. The amount of time and frustration I’ve saved has been phenomenal!