Where Your Shouldn’t Promote Affiliate Products

In a recent article I mentioned why promoting affiliate products using pay-per-click (PPC) search engines was a bad idea. Though some affiliates have done quite well (about a measly 2% of them), the fact that you have no or very little control over so many variables can quickly cause you to lose money. However, there are strategies for promoting affiliate products without using PPC.

One way to make money using affiliate products is to show an offer to a current customer on the back end. Let’s just say you have a product in the weight loss industry, maybe a fitness DVD. A customer purchases your DVD but you realize your customers could also benefit from a daily vitamin or some other supplement. Since it may take quite a bit more time to start selling your own supplement, it would make sense to promote an existing product that already has a brand name and has a working system in place. You can very easily find affiliate products to promote that your market could benefit from.

Sell YOUR product in the front end, sell an affiliate product or products in the back end.

Doing business that way you decrease a lot of risk. The fact is that if you did sell an affiliate product in the front end, it’s possible the owner of the product could stop selling the product, their sales page could change (the price, a poor headline, etc.) which could negatively affect their conversion rate, There’s also the risk of not getting a paycheck or getting one for an entire month later. The risks of selling an affiliate product in the front end are almost endless. So why do it?