Boost Your Productivity

There is a secret to running a successful internet business. One secret that if everyone did, they would probably have a much higher success rate. What is this secret? The secret is to stay on a single track and not get distracted. What? That’s it? Before you pout and stomp your feet like a 3 year old because you’ve read similar before, hear me out.

The fastest way to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be is a straight line. That line resembles time. At the left end, imagine a big dot. At the right end, imagine another big dot. There will also be be several smaller dots in between. These are steps, tasks, accomplishments, milestones, or whatever else you want to call them. Each will take different amounts of time which determines the amount of spacing between them. If you’re an insistent one and want to get where you want to go, your best bet is to stay on this line.

Though it may seem simple, it isn’t. Everyone has distractions and obstacles whether it be an illness, injury, computer malfunction, natural disaster, or something else. What does that look like when we apply one of those to the line? Imagine looking at the middle of the line I described earlier. Now imagine a peak there. That’s time moving while it’s not being used efficiently. Of course, as I said it can’t always be controlled. If your desired goal only takes five minutes, then the line is more likely to stay flat.

The last sentence brings up another fact. If you split up your goal up into many smaller chunks, the line is more likely to stay flat. It is often the case that the longer someone spends on a task, the more likely someone is to get distracted, bored, or interrupted. Now apply this to yourself. You’ve probably been reading this thinking about tasks in your own life or business. Do a self diagnostic and figure out what tasks aren’t progressing forward and why. Consider writing down a procedure for something you want to complete. Then, take it a step further and turn it into several sub-steps. Write the amount of time each step might take. Then once you do the step, keep track of how much time the step actually took. This will give you a better understanding of your time and will help you get to that to that final dot…your ultimate destination.