Conversion Testing Experiment

I wanted to write about “nothing” here. I’m talking about increasing your conversion rate using a variable that slips through the cracks during conversion experiments sometimes.

You see, when I run multivariable tests, I include a number of variable versions. In those tests, I also include a version called “nothing”. Because, after all, how do you know that “something” is more profitable?

The “nothing” version is intentionally left blank. There’s always the possibility that leaving out a certain variable whether it be a headline, a description, testimonial etc. could make your sales page (or whatever it is that you’re testing) more profitable.

I recently found out that an opt-in form on my blog doesn’t perform as well with a headline. At least, not the headlines I used.

Recent data showed me the following:

Version: 1 – Subscribe Now!

Conversion Ratio: 0.82 %

Version: 2 – Nothing

Conversion Ratio: 1.64 %

Version: 3 – Subscribe!

Conversion Ratio: 0.57 %

The opt-in form which showed versions 1 and 3 had less opt-ins than “nothing” did. “Nothing” actually had 4 times more opt-ins than the other two!

So next time you run a conversion experiment, make sure you don’t forget about the all mighty “nothing” variable version. It’s easily forgotten, and can sometimes make all the difference.