Free Blog Traffic Technique

Today I’m going to mention a free way to get traffic to your blog, sales page, or wherever you’d like it. It isn’t a brand new technique, so don’t be disappointed if you’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere.

The source of the traffic comes from a site called StumbleUpon. If you haven’t heard of StumbleUpon before, just download the toolbar at and check it out for yourself.

Once you’ve downloaded the toolbar, you can either click the stumble button which will cause your internet browser to be sent to a random website in the StumbleUpon directory.

Users with the toolbar can rate any site by hitting a thumbs down or thumbs up button. Doing so will cause StumbleUpon to match the websites you like with similar websites.

On the other hand, it can be great wastes of your time if you decide to have a toolbar choose where you should be going on the internet.

Let’s talk about the traffic. If you want free traffic you can stumble and rate your own websites. But that is cheating the system. Of course you like your own site. The real strategy is to get others to “stumble” your website for you.

The best way to get this free traffic is to get other people to rate your website. All you need to do is to include a “stumble” button at the end of your blog entry or on another type of web page. You can even provide instructions for a visitor to “rate” your page by telling them to click on the stumble button if they like what they’ve read.

I’m sure on some websites you’ve seen a button or link that has asked “Was this review helpful?”. Those links usually automatically moderate submitted reviews from visitors. But those don’t create traffic. However, a user clicking on the Stumbleupon button DOES generate traffic, so why not use it? The user is essentially saying that what they’ve read was so helpful that this page should be shared with others. Are you using a stumble button yet?