Internet Business Box Review

I recently joined the “internet business box”. since my wordpress blog hadn’t recently been posted to, and that blog (and other blogs of mine) had been hacked into several times, I thought I’d make the change.

So far the experience has been pleasant. I like the idea behind it… being programmed to increase profitability by morphing over time by showing different, more profitable variable versions. The software was originally Muvar, and I believe a later improvement was inspired by me when I thought I’d test multiple variables in an optin form all within an iframe on my blog. So the software was improved to put an entire website within an iframe to test. It looks like it has been improved substantially since its first versions.

I have also been impressed with the manual for the IBB. It was helpful and I was left with no questions. Everything that one needs to know about the IBB is in there. If there’s something missing in there, I’m sure it will magically show up in a later version. Considering it recommends more profitable places to buy domain names and more profitable web hosting accounts, I’d say it’s extremely handy, even if you aren’t an IBB owner.

If you’re interested in an Internet Business Box too, there’s a link at the bottom of this page next to the “Powered By” text. Click on that and you can order from that page using PayPal.